Surveying & Inspecting

Thermography is a nondestructive inspection of parts, materials and systems through imaging of thermal patterns at the objects surface. Thermal cameras calculate measuring thermograms, which are images of radiation that can be found within the electromagnetic spectrum to detect temperature. Since the amount of radiation emitted by an object increases with temperature, thermography simply allows to see the image in a multispectral range.

Unmanned Services provides thermography to the Power and Utility, Construction & Emergency Management industries:

  • Power and Utility –Hot Spot Detection; identify inefficient parts before they fail.
  • Construction – Inspect buildings for heat/cooling loss: rooftops, exterior and interior walls. Receive analytical reports that diagram temperature variations and point out precise location of fault.
  • Emergency Management – Identify lost or missing person; site management for disaster relief. Get real-time streaming video straight to emergency management mobile phone and command centers.
  • Surveying

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