Unmanned Services use drones in the workplace across multiple commercial and civil industries. The most common use of a drone is to capture hi-resolution video and aerial still photography. But drones are being used for much more; construction companies can monitor site progress from excavation to ribbon cutting. A farmer can monitor crop progress and manage pesticides. From precision geospatial ortho-rectification to thermal imaging drones supplement multiple engineering fields. Marketing and promoting spectacular images through published media and social outlets is great but there is no lucrative monetary return.

What about safety and cost? Drones are limiting liabilities to Power and Utility businesses. No more hovering a three million dollar manned aircraft thirty feet above a utility line for that thermal image. With drones, Power companies can inspect a substation for hot spot detection thoroughly and in less time. Now, Linesman can focus on fixing verses troubleshooting. Supplementing power companies’ aviation divisions with drones saves time, limits liability and creates efficiency.

Unmanned Services is actively providing drone field and engineering support to the following business industries:

  • Defense – Unmanned Systems research development test and evaluation, flight operations, maintenance and training
  • Power and Utility – site selection, construction management, preventative maintenance, daylight and thermal optic line, switch and substation inspection
  • Mapping Cartography – Using precision GPS, USI creates hi-resolution orthorectified and topographic maps
  • Surveying and Reporting – Land and infrastructure, property reclamation, site inspections
  • Hi-resolution Video – site inspection, aerial progression, media production, quality assurance, real-time video streaming
  • Thermal Inspection – Power Utility inspection, hot spot identification, structural integrity, crack detection, corrosion
  • Construction – site selection, construction management, aerial progression, quality assurance, thermal imaging: roofs, walls and utility box
  • Civil Engineering – PVA, Department of Transportation, Public works: mapping, surveying, quality assurance
  • Logistic Analysis – Analytical Inspection and Reporting
  • Accident Reconstruction – mapping, survey reporting, hi-resolution video and stills
  • Telecommunications – daylight video and thermal optic inspections, quality assurance, preventative maintenance
  • Radio Relay – beyond line of sight communications audio and video relay
  • Insurance Companies – property claims, quality assurance, customer satisfaction
  • Real-estate and Media – marketing and media production, aerial promotional video, aerial images
  • Emergency Management – Disaster response, search and rescue, wildlife and forestry, crowd control, visual observation, operations navigating, real-time streaming direct to cell phone
  • Equine – real-time streaming, marketing promotional video and aerial stills
  • Golfing Events – media production, live video streaming direct to clubhouse